La Lune Lament

In all my years of existence, it truly is astounding at times when I turn my gaze upon the Earth and observe its residents.

Never have I felt so confused and dumbfounded.  Such tiny specimens giving me confusion? It sounds quite impossible, doesn’t it? Even though I cannot compete to the colossal masses of Saturn or Jupiter, nor am I as extravagant as Mars or Venus, I am still a wonder to these seemingly simple specimens.

Something of beauty and wonder that many a song composed by them has sing.  If only I can share that similar fondness.

Do not get me wrong – there are times I can look fondly upon them when I see feats of comradery and compassion.  No matter how simple, it is something so intriguing to my lonesome self that even my cold surface may feel a beat.  Perhaps it is because, again, I am in my lonesome? Who can say?

Yet that is all that remains.  At the very least, I am what I am.

I am beautiful, yes, but I am also cold.  I am cold, hard and nobody can live with me without suffocating.  I am alone, and I am fine with my fate of being in my lonesome for even an eternity.

Yet the creatures that habit the Earth confuse me in that aspect.  They try to make themselves so difficult to read.  What is the point in doing such a thing? I do know the answer to that, as I have seen some of them who bear more power than others mask away their true intentions behind a friendly face.  But even I, who is rather far, can still plainly see and feel the malice and ill intentions hidden behind that friendly facade.

From such observations, I have only come to that sad conclusion.

Nothing has truly changed, nor will I think it ever will.

Even with this pessimistic turn of my nose, part of me nudges within, which is the reason why I still gaze upon such ordeals.  A little question I hope can be answered with years, decades, centuries or even millennia to come.  A question I hope will receive a positive answer for cold, hard and lonesome, old me.

Will they ever prove me wrong?

From the perspective of the moon, in a paragraph, describe the current situation on earth as you see it.

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