Gloom and Doom

5/ Construct a topic of your own (in poetry, prose) that reflects on war in our times.

The first time I’ve written a poem. ¬†Quite short, but I decided to give it a try.

Gloom and doom
What you feel when you see the creeping grey
Bang, bang, boom
The rapid firing in the fray

Sticks and stones
This is not at all for glory
Break my bones
This will destroy my body.

Out of breath
Should I turn left or right?
The door of death
Is it in front or behind me?

Chaos and ruin
A boiling pot of confusion
Trouble’s a brewin’
Red splashes grey

Horror and shock
What just happened? Did it really happen?
The pieces then lock
And I realize at that moment…

Who is the true winner in the end?