Shining Stars

Take a line from any one of the works studied today (poetry or prose), and use this line as the starting point for a paragraph or a poem expressing your own sense of why the renaissance is still worth knowing about.


Shine forth, thou star of poets, and with rage…

For even if the ages pass and time continues to run the earth, the time of Renaissance shall still glow.  Glow with a shining beacon that though not as prevalent in the hands of many a crafter, is still shaped and present in other forms.  From a spark of inspiration or a simple acknowledgment of its tremendous existence.  It still burns with a flame of importance.  For the focus gleams on form, style, and the mind.

Works continue to sing their sorrows and crow their laughter.  Shake a spear, Mars low and a bent son take form in the flowing words.  Though seemingly intimidating at first glance, take a deep breath and give it a chance.  For there are many ways to think and look at something that shines.


5 thoughts on “Shining Stars

  1. Hi Victoria,

    You have done a great job of expressing your interpretation of this line from the poetry we have studied. It is a great choice, yet I am not certain where the line comes from. Perhaps you have added it as a tag that I cannot trace? Regardless, you pick up on the theme well. How wonderful to consider that the “time of Renaissance” continues to glow and that “works continue to sing”!

    Your work flows well and shows imagination and creative flair. My only critical feedback would be your formatting. The sentence structure varies in length, at times prosaic, at times poetic. Having said that, I am well aware of the difficulties associated with formatting in WordPress, and it is not always easy having lines varying in starting position.

    Well done, I look forward to reading the rest of your blogs this Semester!



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  3. Hi Victoria, I loved your submission for this week! Your style of poetry flows naturally and I loved your nod to Roman mythology and the pun on Shakespeare’s name (I love a good pun). You definitely describe effectively why the Renaissance is important in a style that would’ve been well received then. Your language is also very well chosen for this style as well. My one criticism is perhaps the structure – while paragraphs do make for an effective of poetry (as Shakespeare would undoubtedly agree with), it does disjoint the flow of reading. Perhaps you can structure it into shorter lines, similar to iambic pentameter?
    Nevertheless, a riveting poem and I look forward to your future submission! 🙂


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